Diem Suong fucks her boyfriend on a cotton wedge

Diem Suong fucks her boyfriend on a cotton wedge

Suong is an office worker. She has a sexy appearance, so many people in the company are following her. After a while, she agreed to date the deputy manager. The two often took each other out to eat and then took them out. go out together. Until one day, I felt like love was true when my boyfriend asked me to have sex, before asking each other, so I couldn't refuse and I agreed to follow him home, he took me home. I got on the cotton mattress, stripped her clothes off, sucked and licked her sensitive places, this feeling made her crazy happy and her pussy juices flowed, then she raised her ass and brought out her pussy and he took out his erect cock. He pushed me in hard and fucked me continuously, this position made me so happy that I moaned loudly.

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Date: May 8, 2024